1st February 2018 - Print - Portrait

Show the mood or emotion, capture the personality of your subject. An individual, pair or group, people or animals. 

1st March 2018 - Digital - Open Gippsland

Anything and everything. Pick any topic or subject you like. Stick within your comfort zone or take a risk and challenge yourself. But the image must be taken in Gippsland within the last two years. The definition of Gippsland is the local government areas of Bass Coast, Baw Baw, East Gippsland, Latrobe, South Gippsland and Wellington.

5th April 2018 - Print - Blue/Golden Hour

Any image capturing the colours close to sunrise and sunset. The Golden Hour is the time shortly before sunset or shortly after sunrise when the light is softer and redder. The Blue Hour is the time shortly after sunset or before sunrise when the sky is a deep, dark blue. Landscapes, city skylines, lakes and the sea, even portraits, have an extra impact from the soft light. 

3rd May 2018 - Digital - Something Starting with 'M'

Essentially an Open topic but your subject must start with 'M'. Maybe 'Mums', 'music', 'muscles', or 'M&M's'. Milk, money, meals, or mice. Moodiness or muddled.

7th June 2018 - Print - Reflections

Make use of reflection to tell your story and highlight the key element of your image. Reflections on water, using mirrors, glass, a shiny surface, sunglasses. Doesn't matter what is reflected or how as long as the reflection is the highlight of the image. 

5th July 2018 - Digital - Abstract Automotive

Abstract photography communicates through lines, curves, colour, and form but represents the subject in a less literal approach than usual. Use an abstract approach to photograph something automotive in part or whole. A car, bus, train, plane or even pedal power. 

2nd August 2018 - Print - Leading Lines

Make use of leading lines to draw the viewer to the point of interest in your image. Use the lines to help tell the story. For example, straight lines, curves, shadow, light, roads, rails, tracks or trails, lines of nature, sunrays, branches, waves etc. 

6th September 2018 - Digital - Weather

Any image with a distinct meteorological focus, such as clouds, mist, rain, wind, lightning etc. The word "meteorological" also includes any phenomena of the atmosphere, such as Sun artefacts, rainbows, meteors, etc. Shoot a morning rainbow, cloudscapes and formations, trees waving in the wind, cows or boats in the mist, thunderstorm approaching, etc. 

5th October 2018 - Print - Monochrome

The name says it all – Monochrome. Use one colour but it can be a number of shades of that one colour. Black and White, Sepia, or a wash of a single colour. Use the varying shades of a single colour to draw

attention to and highlight your subject. This is not the time to use a colour splash such as a dash of red in a black and white image. 

November 2018 - Photo Hunt Challenge

The photo hunt takes place every year on a weekend in November. Members are given a list of things to take photos of. But they can only take the photos on that weekend and within a 20km radios of Sale. A fun challenge for club members and their families to participate in.

6th December 2018 - Print - Open

Anything and everything. Pick any topic or subject that you like. Stick within your comfort zone or take a risk and challenge yourself. Your image can be taken anywhere at anytime.