FEB: Gippsland Open (D): Any technique you want, any subject you want, any style BUT your image must be taken in Gippsland sometime after 1st August 2019. For this exercise, Gippsland is the local government areas of Bass Coast, Baw Baw, East Gippsland, Latrobe City, South Gippsland and Wellington. NB: this is our primary source of images for the Gippsland Interclub competition which Sale Camera Club is hosting in 2021.


MAR: Generations (D): highlighting 3 generations of the subject. Can be living or inanimate. 


APR: Shadows & Silhouettes (D): Using darkness to create shapes or stories where the primary subject colour is black. Silhouettes are the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background.


MAY: Trees (D): one tree, two tree, ti-tree, day or night, native or introduced, living or dead (logs are not trees), its all about a small number of trees. Up close or stepping back, it's about trees as subjects more than trees in landscapes.


JUN: Bridges or Piers: (D): any type of bridge, any type of pier (which has multiple definitions: a platform on pillars projecting from the shore into the sea (or water), structure projecting from an airport terminal, giving passengers access to an aircraft, a solid support designed to sustain vertical pressure, etc). A great opportunity for the lines to do the talking, for stark simplicity or complex structural patterns, for contrasting elements, shadows and so on.


JUL: Zany Portrait (D): Portrait: ”photograph ..... of a person ..... depicting only the face or head and shoulders”. Zany #1: “amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic”. Zany #2=can include other living beings. Be creative, have fun, can include self-portraits. It’s all about the face.


AUG: Painting with Light: (D): any night-time image where the subject is high-lighted by a light source OR any image with the main subject is created from moving sources of light. The light sources (torch, candle, fire-stick, etc) must directed by you or an assistant; no spot lit public structures, public fireworks, or cars on highways.


SEP: Sky (D): Day or night images where the primary subject is the sky. Clouds, storms, dust, fog, stars, Milky Way, star-trails, etc,.


OCT: Life on the Land (D): Any aspect of a primary producer’s daily life. Milking cows at dawn, furrow patterns on a ploughed field, dusty tractor work, harvesting, crop patterns, repairing fences, dams, irrigation sprinkler patterns, farm animals (but in the context of farming)...


NOV: Treasure Hunt (D): Our “just for fun” family-friendly competition with 10 adult and 3 junior categories. Must be shot within the Wellington Shire on the weekend of 6-7th November. Categories released the preceding Friday night via email. Entries Judging by popular vote of members.


DEC: Open (D or P tba): Any technique you want, any subject you want, any style but this time your image can be taken anywhere anytime. NB: this is our primary source of images for the VAPS Conference competition.

D = Digital Entry

P = Printed Entry (depending on face-to-face meetings - if not allowed, this will change into a Digital Entry)