Digital Competition Rules

Only financial members can enter the digital competition

Number of images: Maximum of 3 images can be submitted

Image Size and file type:

  • Must be a jpeg or jpg

  • Each image must be no larger than 3 MB

  • Correct image dimensions:

    • Maximum 1920(w) X 1080(h) pixels 

    • Minimum – smallest side must be no less than 600 pixels

Correct image name: 

Competition topic-Open/Novice-Member number-Image title (e.g. Gippsland-Open-30-The Pelican)

Software Help: you can download the simple EntryMaker software (Windows only) here to turn your final image into one compliant with the above dimensions, size and file-name requirements.

Due date: Midnight of the Club meeting night (please see the competitions tab for dates)

Email images to: Email images as actual size, do not shrink files before sending.

If your images do not meet the above Rules they cannot be accepted.

If you are having problems meeting the dimensions rule please check the resources page for more information or contact the committee via the digital competition email address listed above or speak to the committee members at the next club meeting.

Print Competition Rules

Only financial members can enter the print competition.




  • Maximum 3 Prints per Member

  • Maximum Size is A4 Print Size (210mm x 297mm)

  • Prints should be matted and have a backboard (max size 330mm x 400mm)

  • Prints should be labelled (on the back of the print, the right way up): "Competition Topic - Section (Open/Novice) - Member Number - Image Title" (e.g. Gippsland - Novice - #110 - Wilsons Prom)

  • Due date: at the meeting


If your prints do not meet the above Rules they cannot be accepted.


For a Quick Start:

IMPORTANT: make sure your image is the correct size for the opening of the mat board. Your photo should have at least 1cm overlap over the cutout in your mat. Use acid-free/removable tape to attach your image to the mat board. Make sure you use tape on all four sides of your print.  Back the mat board. This will prevent the image from falling off or out of the mat board. It can be taped or hinged. Hinged backboards can be made from a heavy card of foam core (please note the Sale Show does NOT accept foam core). Use a bookbinding tape or heavy-duty tape for the hinge. If it is not obvious which way the print goes, indicate it on the back (TOP). Don't use velcro on your mat boards!

SCC Membership Numbers

Find your SCC Membership number here:

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