SALE SHOW - Photography definitions

Section 1 - Landscape/Seascape


An image depicting a section or vast expanse of the natural scape of the land, sea or shoreline. The majority of the image should be natural with very few man made objects.

Section 2 - People/Portrait

An image of a person or a group of people. The image may be a head shot or full body.

Section 3 - Nature

An image focusing on wildlife and plant life as they are found in their natural environment. The image should NOT include man made objects.

Section 4 - Open - any subject

Open - any subject.

Section 5 - Creative/Experimental

An image that has been significantly manipulated using photography editing software.

Section 6 - Open - any subject - monochrome

Open - any subject - image needs to be in black and white, sepia or varying tones of one colour.

Section 7 - Sunrise / Sunset

An image depicting the natural beauty of either a sunrise or sunset.

Section 8 - Architecture

An image depicting any man made building or structure. The image may be part of the structure or in its entirety.

Section 9 - Pets

Domestic animals, not wildlife.

Section 10 - Sport

An image taken at an organised sporting event or a sporting event done as a hobby.

Section 11 - V.A.S. (Victorian Agricultural Shows)

A photo featuring water.

Section 19 - Professional Photographers

Open - any subject.